Eight End-Times Myths Debunked

Are you part of the “Christian Doomsday Culture”? Unwittingly, many people have bought into this decidedly dark perspective of our future, fueled by misconceptions in today’s popular End-Times views. Read as Fraser dismantles the eight highly destructive and unbiblical myths that form the foundation of this view.

Introducing my new book, Doombusters: Eight End Times Myths Debunked

It seems like the western world has developed a decidedly negative bias:

Emerging marketsAmongst Christians too, we find the same phenomenon. Over two-thirds of Christians who believed Jesus would return soon are expecting disasters, chaos, and mayhem. The best-selling Christian book last year? Harbinger, a warning of judgement on America. Here in the Fall of 2015 there is obsession with Blood Moons, and talk of war in Israel, economic collapse, dollar collapse, banking collapse, asteroid strikes, and dozens more. Whatever happened to the “good news?” Aren’t we to be the most hopeful and joyful people on the planet?

Most believe the times are getting darker, that the Kingdom of God is being overcome, and this will continue until Jesus returns. In fact, scripture tells us exactly the opposite:

The parable of the mustard seed: “the kingdom of heaven is like mustard seed”…it grew, continually, until it became huge.

The parable of the yeast: ““the kingdom of heaven is like yeast”…it was stuck into the dough, it grew, continually, until it affected the entire batch.

The parable of the growing seed: “The Kingdom of God is as a man should scatter seed in the ground” …it grew, blade, head, then ripened grain, then the harvest (the end) comes.

Prophesied over Jesus, “Of the increase of his government there will be no end.” Unceasing increase.

History is bearing out the truth of these scriptures. As an engineer, scientist, and a student of history, I have studied every shred of data and evidence I can find on big-picture trends – trends spanning multiple centuries and geographies. And here is my remarkable finding: Every measurable socio-economic factor with data spanning geographies and multiple centuries shows improvement.

Just a few of the examples given in my book:

epidemics    homicide rates    poverty    natura-disasters    life-expectancy

It is time for us to shift our paradigm. We have been like the ten spies, in Moses’ day, who saw only the giants and fortified cities. However, Joshua and Caleb dissented: “they will be bread for us.” Let’s take God at his word, and become the “light of the world” influencing every area of life.